Monday, May 2, 2011

Daily Kindle Bargain - Hull's Landing by James Melzer

Hull's Landing by James Melzer is available on Kindle for just $2.99.


Nestled deep in the heart of Pennsylvania is the small borough of Hull's Landing. While it may seem like just an ordinary place, The Landing holds a secret so dark, that there are those who will do anything to protect it.

For decades, young girls have been disappearing like clockwork. While some have their suspicions, the entire town lives in fear - and for good reason. When Rita Clemens, a former member of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, decides to make her new home in Hull's, she begins to uncover what the locals have tried to keep hidden for so long.

As the race against time begins, Rita will have to do everything she can to protect herself, and to save a child's life, before one of the world's oldest evils can be unleashed.

From the Reviewers:

"Melzer pushes a cast of damaged characters into the pages where they tussle for power...there is no lack of substance in this thriller." 
--D.G. Sutter

"The opening of Hull's Landing is definitely one of the most disturbing I've ever read." 
--Nicole Ireland

About the Author:

James Melzer is the award-winning author of ESCAPE (Simon & Schuster/Permuted Press - December 2011), the upcoming young adult zombie novel, TEENAGE WASTELAND (Permuted Press - 2012), and his short fiction has appeared in publications from Library of the Living Dead Press. Melzer currently lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, daughter, and husky

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