Sponsorship Info

Kindle eBook Sponsorship:
We offer daily eBook sponsorship slots that entitle you to the following:

-A blog-post ad will be posted on www.dailykindlebargains.com. This ad includes detailed information about your Kindle book, links to Amazon, 2 blurbs/reviews, and an author bio.
-Your book will be featured on our Twitter account, @KindleBargains, as a Kindle Bargain of the Day. Our Kindle account currently has over 2500 followers.
-Your book will also be featured on @JeremyCShipp, as a Kindle Book of the Day. This account currently has over 22,000 followers.

Daily Sponsorship: $10 per day

If you're interested in this sponsorship opportunity, email Jeremy at bizarrobytes@gmail.com. In the subject line, please put "Kindle Sponsorship".