Saturday, May 28, 2011

Daily Kindle Bargain - King of the Marshmallows by Lydia Ondrusek

King of the Marshmallows by Lydia Ondrusek is available on Kindle for just 99 cents.


Mark’s Asperger’s Syndrome makes things hard for him at school. Mark’s mom and dad think MORE school is the answer. They can’t be right--can they? When they enroll Mark in the new taekwondo school nearby, he finds that his class is filled with adults--and four kids from his school he’s never met before. So now he’s got to meet new people (ugh), learn MORE new skills (ack), and oh yeah…somewhere in there, he’s got to figure out how not to flunk English.

From the Reviewers:

"Having had my own child with Asperger-y type symptoms, I can strongly relate to Mark's (and his mom's) frustration with schoolwork. I can see this story being beneficial to any child who may have a learning disability, and even to those who don't."
--Joanne L. Huspek, 5-star review on Amazon

"King of The Marshmallows is an uplifting story about a middle grade boy named Mark who has Asperger's.  It was great to see Mark transform through the story because of his tae-kwon-do. Well written and compelling."
--Reading Vacation

About the Author:

Lydia Ondrusek is a long-married mother of two attempting to write her way out of a paper bag. She writes poetry and fiction about whatever comes to heart. “King of the Marshmallows” is her first middle-grade short fiction series, and will be complete in six monthly stand-alone episodes. Find more of her work in GUD Magazine, Apex Magazine, and various other venues on and off the net.

Her website is, and she spends far too much time on Twitter, where she is known as @littlefluffycat.

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