Thursday, June 16, 2011

Daily Kindle Bargain - GUD Magazine

GUD Magazine is available on Kindle for just $3.50.


GUD Magazine issue 2 celebrates Heaven, Earth, and Space in-between; it is touched by religion, grounded in technology and comfortable with the occult. There is a language-stretching piece triggered by the Talmud from the legendary Hugh Fox, poems by haiku heavy-hitter Jim Kacian, the surprisingly touching "By Zombies; Eaten" from Christopher William Buecheler, and an alien perspective on human spirituality by Tina Connolly in the remarkable "The Salivary Reflex"--all part of a drool-worthy two-hundred page selection of over twenty authors and artists.

From the Reviewers:

"Greatest Uncommon Denominator" is the answer for anyone's short fiction needs. It boasts an eclectic collection of fiction and poetry that spans all genres, touching the ordinary, reaching the strange, and blending in all manner of uniqueness. It's both a literary and genre publication, and it's produced with the highest sense of quality in mind.

Each issue centers around a theme that can be presented in any way. Issue Two's theme of "Heaven, Earth, and Space In-Between" is celebrated by tales of demons punishing the wrong man, a painter with an unusual muse, travel between the stars, alien visitation and post-apocalyptic worlds crawling with zombies and all manner of monsters. Also included in this issue is the mind-bending short fiction of Jeremy C. Shipp, (Vacation, Sheep and Wolves), in the short story "Baby Edward", a tale about the curious and downright weird relationship between our conscious and unconscious desires.

Try something different, unique...uncommon. Visit today, and stretch your conceptual boundaries of literary excellence"
--Shroud Magazine's Book Reviews

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