Friday, June 24, 2011

Daily Kindle Bargain - In the Corner by Jim Bronyaur

In the Corner by Jim Bronyaur is available on Kindle for just 99 cents.


Three stories in Jim Bronyaur's debut book that explore the mind and supernatural.

When the Stars Fade - A geeky computer technician finds himself on the receiving end of a brutal beating when the stars, one by one, begin to disappear as something moves in from the woods. Is the dark movement here to save him? Or end his suffering?

The Second That Burns - Meet Trevor, an unlikely survivor of a horrific car accident that found him on the wrong end of a police chase. Now he carries the guilt and scars of living, desperate for death. His only chance at surviving is Dr. Philips. The question is--can Dr. Philips save Trevor before it’s too late?

The Wrong Side of the Tracks - Taking a road trip before his band, Butler, goes into the studio, Evan and his girlfriend, Barbara, hit the road. But the road they’re on is changing, literally. They soon find themselves in a small town where nothing feels or looks right…because everything keeps changing. Now they only have one thing in mind--getting out...

From the Reviewers:

"The stories were phenomenal and I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys horror/suspense fiction. You won't be disappointed. "
--JKovalchik, 5-star review on Amazon

"The pacing and level of suspense hooked me in such a way that I felt I had no choice but to read it all in one sitting! Highly recommended."
--krstapleton, 5-star review on Amazon

"If you like your supernatural tight and intense, this book is for you."
--SWolf, 5-star review on Amazon

About the Author:

Jim is the author of the award winning short story turned serialized (and soon to be novel) Pulsate. His site is

Follow Jim Bronyaur on Twitter: @jimbronyaur.

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