Monday, July 18, 2011

Daily Kindle Bargain - Suppertime Sonnets by Kate Sherrod

Suppertime Sonnets by Kate Sherrod is available on Kindle for just $1.99.


She's not Shakespeare, but hey, no one ever dared HIM to write a sonnet about a cricket that vomits to discourage predators. We all have our niches, no?

On December 31, 2008, Kate Sherrod, the Iambic Pentamistress*, undertook a strange project: to write and publish at least one pseudo-Shakespearean sonnet every day for at least a year. When 2009 came to an end, she just kept on going and still occasionally posts new works at her blog, Suppertime Sonnets (at) Blogspot (dot) com.

What appears within this ebook is a selection of Kate's weirdest, geekiest, prettiest and best-loved sonnets as chosen by Kate and her readers. The collection includes sonnets about insects and other creepy crawlies, the International Space Station and other NASA achievements, special topics in biology and chemistry, the seasons in Kate's home state of Wyoming, and even a few usable recipes Kate has rendered in sonnet form. A bonus section includes all of Kate's strangest "sonnet dares," undertaken when she allowed her Twitter followers to choose the topic for that day's poem.

SUPPERTIME SONNETS is an on-going experiment in daily formal poetry composition, a voyage through extreme geekery, and might even be a little educational. But don't hold that against your humble sonneteer!

What can YOU fit in fourteen lines?

*According to composer and musicologist Milton Mermikides, anyway.

From the Reviewers:

"I am, and have been, for a long time, in awe of Kate's ability to do a sonnet the way it ought to be done, with concision, humor and an electric sensibility for the telling detail. Sonnets are not easy, and she makes the form sing both loud and soft, hearty and mellow, sadly and with strength."
--Walter Hawn, 5-star Amazon review

About the Author:

Kate Sherrod writes formal poetry on informal subjects, graphic novel and comics criticism, general cultural reportage, science fiction and horror. When she is not writing she likes to Zelig her way into other people's podcasts, usually as a short story narrator, read a great deal, study astronomy and entomology, and a very great deal time on Twitter. Current projects include an epic space opera farce in ottava rima, a Lovecraftian western novel co-written with pal Adam Christopher, and several secret projects you may learn of in good time.

She lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming and is still trying to find Hawthorne Abendsen's high castle there.

Follow Kate on Twitter: @katesherrod

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