Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Daily Kindle Bargain - The Devil's Weekend by Jim Bronyaur

The Devil's Weekend by Jim Bronyaur is available on Kindle for $3.99.


Fans of Dean Koontz won’t be able to put down Bronyaur’s newest novel, The Devil’s Weekend.

Meet Oliver Ignis.

A man desperate for his mother’s love with the constant urge to kill.

After years of killing, he’s been give the name The Anything Killer. But now the police, led by detective Ralph Samuels, are closing in.

After a fresh body is discovered and the town swells with fear, The Devil comes to make Oliver a deal: in exchange for his soul, Oliver will have the weekend to kill without having to hide. It he’s shot, bullets pass through with no wound. If he’s stabbed, the blade comes out clean. And if he’s cuffed, they slide right off.

It’s a serial killers dream.

It’s our nightmare.

When Ralph Samuels apprehends a teenager who claims to have shot Oliver multiple times, he begins to wonder what’s happening to the small town of Damon, Pennsvylania.

It was everything Oliver ever wanted, but what happens when Oliver kills the wrong person?

With The Devil in the background and the police surrounding him, Oliver makes his last stand and gives The Devil everything he wants, and more.

This is The Devil’s Weekend.

From the Reviewers:

"Oowww..... Shivers and anticipation. I'm hooked."
--Manznita, after reviewing the first chapter
"If you like your supernatural tight and intense, this book is for you. Well worth the cost. Can't wait to read more from this author."
--SWolf, Review of Bronyaur's other book, In the Corner (available on Amazon)
About the Author:

Jim Bronyaur is the author of In the Corner and Pulsate, and now brings you The Devil.

Visit Jim at

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