Monday, August 15, 2011

Daily Kindle Bargain - The Fourth Casket by D T Mears

The Fourth Casket by D T Mears is available on Kindle for just 99 cents.


Deep within the coldly-glowing Curtain Nebula, drifts the Space Control Corps’ greatest installation, “Fortress Unicorn.” Part port-of-call, part battle station, the “Unicorn” was once home to thousands but has seen its personnel reduced to no more than a skeleton crew since the development of abrain technology—a type of cranial implant that allows a single individual to wield the knowledge of an entire civilization. Surviving the cutbacks and still toiling within Unicorn’s cavernous docks are two abrain-equipped contraband dispersal specialists, a quirky, bohemian Rolf Guten and his stoic partner, Virg Markham, whose duties include identifying and sending to auction materials seized by SCC enforcer ships. Yet, as they appraise their greatest find ever—a stolen shipment of priceless sculptures—they are unaware that their very minds have been invaded by a vicious Trojan program. One that will impel them to assist in the most audacious criminal heist in galactic history and set into motion a chain of events that will threaten to rock the Republic to its core.

From the Reviewers:

"This is an excellent book...I greatly enjoyed. The characterizations are rich and well-done... The pace is brisk but not headlong, and the small quiet pauses where we and the heroes contemplate how the technology works are both informative and refreshing. While there’s violence, it’s not the main point. Instead, it explores identity, fame, and life, and ends satisfactorily while still leaving room for a sequel. I’d love to see more work set in this universe, and look forward to the author’s future works."
--R. S. Riley,

"As humanity becomes more closely tied to technology, it may fall to the same things technology does. "The Fourth Casket" is a science fiction story telling of two people equipped with abrain technology, giving them the knowledge of a civilization. But this technology like all technology is fallible, and a Trojan just may lead to the downfall of their republic. "The Fourth Casket" is a choice and highly recommended pick that shouldn't be overlooked for sci-fi fans. "
--John Burroughs, Midwest Book Review

About the Author:

D. T. Mears grew up on the shores of Hood Canal. After an adolescence filled with computer games and Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, Mears graduated from the University of Washington then went on to complete an internship with IBM. Later, Mears spent nearly a decade writing numerical modeling software and living and working for a time in the People's Republic of China, where he experienced the SARS epidemic firsthand. An avid reader of fantasy, horror, and science fiction, his interests gradually grew to encompass history, theoretical physics and cosmology, philosophy, and the development of mythology and religions. D. T. Mears currently resides in Western Washington. "The Fourth Casket" is his first novel.

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