Monday, August 22, 2011

Daily Kindle Bargain - Punch! by Lydia Ondrusek

Punch! (King of the Marshmallows) by Lydia Ondrusek is available on Kindle for just 99 cents.


Ray’s parents are divorced and shuttling him back and forth. Nobody seems to realize how hard this has become for Ray. His only comforts are eating, and hiding out in video games. Now, gaming at school has gotten him suspended. Will taekwondo help him lose weight? Give him more discipline? His parents hope so. It’s the first thing they’ve agreed on in ages.

His gran doesn’t think Ray needs to worry about losing weight. She does agree he needs taekwondo, though. Taekwondo will mean somewhere to go, friends his age to spend time with outside of school, and something for Ray to feel good about besides his skill at video games.

Ray finds out that no matter how bad he thought things were, they can always get worse–and that when life punches you in the heart, it’s good to rely on friends who aren’t made out of sugar or pixels on a game screen.

From the Reviewers:

"I love how this series is progressing with each story featuring a new kid but bringing in those from past stories in significant ways. Ray discovers a new family in the "Marshmallows" when he needs them most. The interaction between him and his new friends, as well as his grandmother, is delightful and charming--but always remains realistic. Looking forward to the next story! "
--Susan P. Sipal, 5-star review on Amazon

About the Author:

Lydia Ondrusek is a long-married mother of two attempting to write her way out of a paper bag. She writes poetry and fiction about whatever comes to heart. “King of the Marshmallows” is her first middle-grade short fiction series, and will be complete in six monthly stand-alone episodes. Find more of her work in GUD Magazine, Apex Magazine, and various other venues on and off the net.

Her website is, and she spends far too much time on Twitter, where she is known as @littlefluffycat.

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