Thursday, September 1, 2011

Daily Kindle Bargain - Fetch by Scott Roche

Fetch by Scott Roche is available on Kindle for just $1.49.


Father Ian promised his parishioner to investigate a mysterious sighting at the nearby cemetery. When he does and finds nothing out of the ordinary, he arrives at the man's house only to find him dead. Evil is roaming the Irish countryside and has its sights set on the good Father.

From the Reviewers:

"Scott Roche has penned a winner here. Roche above all is a good storyteller, and he has a talent for portraying religious yet flawed characters facing evil with a supernatural flavor. He did it well in his audio novel Archangel, and he does it well here. It's a solid story as far as plot is concerned but what makes it better is getting a real sense of the characters' struggles with what they are facing."
--thriller author Edward G. Talbot

"'The Twin I never had....' This was how Scott started our journey into the darkness of demons. After the death of a friend, we follow a priest, Father Ian, who was destined to try to fight his own way back into the world of love and light. It is a battle with possession, a battle with guilt, a battle with loss of confidence, and a battle with the loss of the recognition of important positive people and events in our lives. We tilt back and forth in this battle from darkness to light, each of us, hoping to weigh the scale just a bit more to the side of the light. Is the demon real or is he something in our mind that we must fight every day? What ever the battle, Scott reminds us to look at the love and light around us to win, to be victorious in even small battles, and conquer the largest demons in the constant war within ourselves. Very well done. Inspiring."
--fantasy author Arlene Radasky

About the Author:

A military brat, fan of horror and occult fiction at an embarrassingly (for my parents anyway) young age, and a seeker of the true reality beyond that which we see every day, I try and include as much life experience in my writing as I can. Every story I write combines these elements into something that I hope you will not only enjoy, but tell all of your friends about. I am active in the podcast fiction sphere and am a contributing editor at Flying Island Press.

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