Thursday, September 29, 2011

Daily Kindle Bargains - 21 Ways to Promote Your Book on Twitter by Cherie Burbach

21 Ways to Promote Your Book on Twitter by Cherie Burbach is available on Kindle for just $2.99.


Twitter is a fabulous marketing resource for authors today, but there are some negative perceptions about the medium in regards to how much time it takes and how affective it is. 21 Ways to Promote Your Book on Twitter provides ideas for book promotion, “best practices” that help reduce the time spent online, and resources that will help you create a Twitter approach that supports your brand.

Chapters include: 

• Negative Perceptions You Shouldn’t Buy Into
• Twitter Best Practices
• How Much Time Do You Have to Spend on Twitter
• Ideas for Book Promotion
• Twitter Takeaways
• Twitter Resources

From the Reviewers:

"This book changed the way I look at Twitter. Before reading it, Twitter was another item on my marketing to do list. I am pleased to take away strategies that can fit into my day with minimal fuss. I also learned some advanced tips that can help me maximize time spent and help me get more 'conversational'. The resources at the end of the book are really handy, too."

"In discussing incorporating Twitter into one's marketing campaign, she alleviates fear that Twitter will be too time consuming by explaining how Twitter can be useful in only twenty minutes a day. Throughout 21 Ways to Promote Your Book on Twitter, Burbach gives concrete and short examples of authors, includinng herself, using Twitter to promote their books and other work. Burbach's tips for using Twitter to promote one's book are easy to understand and easy to follow. She also includes a list of resources to help the author make Twitter work better for them. 21 Ways to Promote Your Book on Twitter is conversational in tone and a quick read filled with information to make one think about the best way to incorporate Burbach's ideas or use them as a launching pad for one's own ideas for promoting one's book."
--T. L. Cooper

About the Author:

Cherie Burbach specializes in relationships and helping people to connect. She is the Expert on Friendship at and writes about midlife dating and family issues at Life Goes Strong. She has penned eleven books and ebooks, including Internet Dating Is Not Like Ordering a Pizza and 21 Ways to Promote Your Book on Twitter, and has published over 500 articles on the subjects of health, sports, and lifestyle. For more info, visit her website,

Follow Cherie on Twitter: @brrbach

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