Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Daily Kindle Bargains - Temple of Strays by R. Thomas Riley

Temple of Strays by R. Thomas Riley is available on Kindle for just 99 cents.


Ripped from the headlines, inspired by a true story! 

A family in turmoil is inches from nuclear meltdown. Lance Ramey is struggling desperately to keep his family together. This family road trip is a last ditch effort to heal the wounds of his wife's infidelities and reconnect. But Lance and his family will face an even greater threat in Temple. There are monsters lurking in the darkness and they have very, very sharp teeth and they are extremely hungry. A story of hope and redemption. A story of insane violence. You've never read anything quite like this! 

From the Reviewers:

"Temple of Strays is very harsh with an extremely bleak ending...nothing really shocks me in horror anymore but wow this is a brutal story." 
--John Grover, Author of Feminine Wiles, A Beckoning Of Shadows and Angels, Ashes and Alchemy

"For those who can handle it, this is a fine horror tale, told in the tradition of the best modern masters of the genre."

--Ty Johnston, 5-star Amazon review

About the Author:

R. Thomas Riley, an active member of ITW, is an internationally published author (print/digital media) living in the distant lands of North Dakota. His short story collection The Monster Within Idea (2009-2011) was published by Apex Publications. If God Doesn't Show co-written with John Grover will be published by Permuted Press in 2012. Diaphanous co-written with Roy C. Booth is available now on Kindle. The Day Lufberry Won It All was adapted to short film by Frosty Moon Omnimedia in 2010. Riley is also the co-founder of KOTANORTH Films. 

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