Monday, October 24, 2011

Daily Kindle Bargains - Crooked Hills by Cullen Bunn

Crooked Hills by Cullen Bunn is available on Kindle for just $2.99.


For Charlie and his brother, Alex, an unexpected trip to visit their Aunt Mary in the haunted town of Crooked Hills turns into a life-changing adventure, forcing them to confront local bullies, hell hounds, dead witches, and girls with slingshots! A throwback to classic adventures like that of the Hardy Boys, mixed with the creepiness of GOOSEBUMPS and CIRQUE DU FREAK, Cullen Bunn's CROOKED HILLS blends mystery and adventure to weave a fun and unforgettable story of will, friendship and family bonds.

From the Reviewers:

"The story in Crooked Hills is captivating. The pacing takes you on a joyous roller-coaster ride of mystery, suspense and undead witches that want to eat our children. But for me, the most memorable aspect of Cullen Bunn's Crooked Hills is how he so deftly ties the traditions of folklore and legends of the Ozarks with the narrator's own voice as he retells his story to us. And if we care to listen carefully enough, Mr. Bunn reminds us that the roots of storytelling lie in oral traditions, and that written stories are an aspect of that rich tradition. Through his narrator, Charlie Ward, it's as if we are children once again, sitting beside the fabled campfire in the middle of the dark woods, as Charlie tells the legend of Maddie Someday. Our hairs stand on end. Our skin tingles with fear and anticipation, and we delight in the tales of Crooked Hills, the most haunted town in America.

"Being the first in a news series, Crooked Hills is a wonderfully entertaining start. I read it to my daughters out loud, and they were just as riveted by the story as dad. It's a great book to read together as a family and encourages the sharing of your own family stories.

A.N. Ommus, 5-star Amazon review

About the Author:

Cullen grew up in rural North Carolina, but now lives in the St. Louis area with his wife Cindy and his son Jackson. His noir/horror comic (and first collaboration with Brian Hurtt), The Damned, was published in 2007 by Oni Press. The follow-up, The Damned: Prodigal Sons, was released in 2008. In addition to The Sixth Gun, his current projects include Crooked Hills, a middle reader horror prose series from Evileye Books; The Tooth, an original graphic novel from Oni Press; and various work for Marvel and DC. Somewhere along the way, Cullen founded Undaunted Press and edited the critically acclaimed small press horror magazine, Whispers from the Shattered Forum.

All writers must pay their dues, and Cullen has worked various odd jobs, including Alien Autopsy Specialist, Rodeo Clown, Professional Wrestler Manager, and Sasquatch Wrangler.

And, yes, he has fought for his life against mountain lions and he did perform on stage as the World’s Youngest Hypnotist. Buy him a drink sometime, and he’ll tell you all about it.

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