Thursday, October 27, 2011

Daily Kindle Bargains - King of the Merge by Bradley Convissar

King of the Merge by Bradley Convissar is available on Kindle for 99 cents.


William Brookshire is just a simple college student, out collecting a couple of items for a late night rendezvous with the girl who used to be the love of his life, when a spontaneous street race turns his life upside down.

He knows it isn't his fault when the driver of the Porsche runs a red light, knows it isn't his fault when the driver dies of the injuries he sustained during the horrible accident, but William just can't make himself believe he is completely free of responsibility. And when a vision of the driver starts appearing in his room, starts stalking him around campus, it threatens to drive him mad.

From the author of the Pandora's Children collection of short stories and the Novella Dogs of War comes this 18,000 word novella that explores how guilt, real or perceived, can threaten to tear a fragile mind apart.

Praise for Bradley Convissar:

"To anyone who loves horror in the style of Stephen King or the other greats in the business, I would strongly recommend this author."
--Aditya Joshi, Amazon review of Pandora's Children Books 3

"Convissar's enthusiasm for his craft is evident in his introduction and I think he achieves his goal of writing engaging short stories that rely on psychological manipulation of perception more than descriptive shock value."  

--Shelleyrae, Amazon review of Pandora's Children Books 3

"The writing is breathtakingly precise and painful."  

--Natalie Casetti, Amazon review of Dogs of War 

About the Author:

I grew up in NJ, spent four years in New Orleans earning my degree in evolutionary biology, then returned to NJ for dental school. I currently live in NJ with my wife, two children, and diabetic Daschund who has developed premature cataracts (a temperamental, partly blind dog and two children don't mix very well). I always felt that you can learn something about a person based on the CD's in their car. Well, right now I am listening to Disturbed's new album Asylum, Chevelles' newest album Sc-fi Crimes, Three Day's Grace latest Life Starts Now and Hollywood Undead's Swan Song. So, what does that tell you about me?

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