Friday, January 6, 2012

Daily Kindle Bargains - Daydreams & Diaries by Taylor and Tim Black

Daydreams & Diaries by Taylor and Tim Black is available on Kindle for $3.50.


For Taylor Black, that Friday night was like any other in her senior year in high school. A quick dip in the shower then off to see her girlfriends and boyfriend Jeff. Just another Friday night in a small Florida town until she blacked out in the shower and her mom rushed her to the emergency room and another life: one of brain scans and surgeries, chemotherapy, 60 Minutes, hospitals and hospice. Something that always happened to someone else happened to her and to her family as well.

Taylor kept a diary through her ordeal as she tried to live as normal a life as possible with brain cancer. Daydreams and Diaries details the roller-coaster ride which is cancer and how Taylor coped as a patient and grew as a person, changing from an insecure high school girl to a courageous young woman.

Her spirit attracted the cameras of CBS and the attention of Ed Bradley who called her "amazing." Twenty seven million people saw her on 60 Minutes, but CBS couldn't tell Taylor's whole story for she was far more than a cancer patient; she was a beloved daughter, sister and friend who showed, as a noted author once wrote: "grace under pressure".

Taylor's father, Tim Black, brings a father's memories of Taylor at different points in her life, helping to complete the portrait of a remarkable young woman who was the inspiration for so many.

From the Reviewers:

"This book is much more than a true story of a resolute 17-year old girl who has brain cancer. It is an uplifting and sensitive testimony to love and the human spirit, remarkably powerful and deeply touching. When Taylor Black was found to have a large brain cancer, she decided to keep a detailed diary, replete with poetic insights beyond her years. That diary and her father's unflinchingly honest recollections are a lesson of hope through anguish for all of us. It's also a mini education in medical treatment. One aspect of this experience of a decade ago was captured in an award-winning 60 Minutes segment. You can Google it at "Taylor Black Brain Cancer 60 Minutes." This story is so beautifully told that I will forever be inspired by it."
--Al Forman, 5-star Amazon Review

"Captivating read for anyone who's been through the cancer fight. Well-written and the experiences documented could be translated to any person's cancer battle. Liked the positive nature of the book, as well as the young author's perspective. Recommended to any and all."
--CancerSurvivor, 5-star Amazon Review

About the Author:

Tim Black is a retired history teacher who has written fiction and non-fiction for newspapers and magazines all over the world. He enjoys writing satire and humor. "Daydreams and Diaries", is a joint project with his late daughter Taylor (1983-2001). It is his first book.

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