Friday, January 20, 2012

Daily Kindle Bargains - A Miracle Every Morning by Anonymous

A Miracle Every Morning by Anonymous is available on Kindle for $3.65. The ebook is free to read from the Lending Library for members of Amazon Prime.


A Miracle Every Morning is a collection of 366 short stories of turning points of alcholics in recovery, one for every day of the year.  Faced with the choice to take a drink, someone appeared or something occured which made them change their mind and stay sober.  Here is a sample story:

He Came To and He Came to Believe (May 7)

Thirty-three years ago I was found under the Sagamore Bridge in Massachusetts or New Hampshire in a car that wasn’t mine and with a .38 caliber revolver I didn’t own.  I ended up in a Hudson, New Hampshire emergency room.

I came to and I was up in the ceiling looking down on my own body being worked on.  I had been brought back with the paddles and the guy working on me said:

“Welcome back, buddy.”

And I said:  “Welcome back from where?”

“You see that machine going up and down?”

I said.  “Yeah.”

“You were flat-lined, buddy,” he explained.

That’s how I came to A.A., on May 7, 1976 and I’ve been sober since then.  I noticed the gun had an empty chamber.  I guess I had tried to kill myself in a blackout and was so drunk I missed.

He had experienced a spiritual awakening along with a physical awakening.  Truly, he had come to and come to believe.

When we saw others solve their problems by a simple reliance up the Spirit of the Universe, we had to stop doubting the power of God. P. 52

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