Friday, April 6, 2012

Daily Kindle Bargains - A Life Transparent by Todd Keisling

A Life Transparent by Todd Keisling is available for free on Kindle on April 6.


Who is Donovan Candle? He is the consummate husband. Stable, hard-working, and dedicated to his wife, Donovan is a paragon of the Middle Class. 

Until now. 

Strange visions of a monochromatic world. Bizarre sensations of physical transparency. 

At first, Donovan fears he's losing his grip on reality, but as the week wears on and the odd afflictions intensify, he wonders if he is truly fading from existence. 

When his wife is abducted, his life goes from weird to terrifying. To get her back, Donovan must play by a stranger's rules. Will he be in time to save her-and himself-from the dangers of A Life Transparent?

From the Reviewers:

"I must confess, it's the first book I have read in a while that kept me fighting to keep my eyes open to find out what would happen next. An original, somewhat terrifying concept that not only makes you reflect on your own life, but question your own 'settling.' [. . .] I doubt Mr. Keisling intended his excellent tale as a `kick in the pants' to his readers, but it was a good kick in the pants to have, from an unexpected place."

"Todd Keisling is an extraordinarily talented writer, and I will definitely be interested to see what novels he comes up with in the next few years. The strength here that I see is the originality of the story, the anxiety and psychological complexity of Donovan's character, and the sheer mastery of style and craft that Keisling realizes on the page." 

--Stacey Cochran, author of The Loneliest

About the Author:

Todd Keisling is a two-time recipient of the Oswald Research and Creativity Prize for fiction. Born in Kentucky, he now lives with his wife and son somewhere near Reading, Pennsylvania. Contrary to popular opinion, he is a cat person. A Life Transparent is his first novel.

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