Thursday, October 3, 2013

Daily Kindle Bargain - Emerald City Blues by Peter A. Smalley

Emerald City Blues by Peter Smalley is available on Kindle for just $2.99.

Description:Gumshoe. Flatfoot. Bulldog. Professional snoop. They've got a lot of words for someone like me. Most of them you wouldn't say on a Sunday in front of your mother. It's not easy being a private investigator in a town where no one is innocent, but it's twice as hard if you're a woman. I have to be twice as tough, twice as sharp, and take ten times as much horse manure to solve every case I take. Good thing I'm also ten times as much of a detective as all the coppers down at the station put together. Not that it would take a lot, but you know what I mean.

Right. So it all started when a man from my past showed up at my door one dark, rainy night. Of course, it's Seattle. I don't have to tell you it rains here, right? Right. So he was pounding my door. I was pounding a drink. He had a problem in need of solving. I solved problems for a needy living. It was a match made in heaven. Except that matches start fires, and fires are more in line with the opposite of heaven. I didn't know it yet but that's right where my world was headed with this case: straight to hell, with a whiskey chaser. I was about to be a lot toastier than I really wanted to be, and things were just getting warmed up.

But hey, someone's got to do it. Why not me? Oh, right. Because I'm a dame, just a flatfoot floozie with a closet full of tar-black memories and a chip on my shoulder the size of Gibraltar. Maybe so. But I'll get this case solved no matter what it takes. Even if I have to call on skills I haven't used since my Master went off to combat Germany's special occult forces in the Great War. He never came back, and I'm still half-trained at best. Hopefully it's the right half. If not, I'm a walking obituary.

Remind me again why I do this for a living? Oh, that’s right: it's really not much of a living.

With eight 5-star reviews, Emerald City Blues is just $2.99 and free for Kindle users with Amazon Prime.

From the Reviewers:

" If you are at all a fan of hard-boiled detective stories, or urban fantasy, or well-written characters, or just plain want a fun read that's different from the usual stuff you pick, GET THIS BOOK."
--Starglade, 5-star review on Amazon

"As a reader, you are immediately drawn into the shoes of his witty and clever heroine, Maddie Sheehan. Her thrilling investigative adventure is further enhanced by historical and cultural references. This well written book captivates you from beginning to end..."
--Bad Wolf, 5-star review on Amazon

About the Author:

"No one is safe around a writer." - Lanford Wilson, American playwright (1937-2011)

Peter A. Smalley was not so much born as he was the object of a suitably ominous origin story. If only Marvel had been more attentive, I, Writer might even now be a successful comic and movie franchise starring Colin Farrell. So it goes.

Like so many writers and mad scientists, Peter knew from an early age he was different from the other children. In the third grade he told his teachers he wanted to be a 'cemist' (sic) and although he has since fulfilled that precocious goal, his youthful ambitions in science came too late to fully obscure his first love; he had already written his first work of fiction a year prior, the accurately entitled A Second Grade Tragedy. Since that tender age these twin abiding passions have illuminated the oft-crooked path leading through both his formal and informal educations.

Peter was raised in Seattle, Washington. In 2011 his picture appeared in the New York Times for something that had nothing directly to do with writing, but coincidentally, his first self-published work also came out in 2011: a speculative fantasy novella titled The Burning Times ( This was quickly followed by the full-length fantasy novel Grimme (, which likewise took place in an alternate-history setting known as The Europas Cycle. He co-edited and contributed to the acclaimed recent anthologie 20,001: A Steampunk Odyssey ( His Shakespearean Steampunk novella Full Fathom Five ( appears in the anthologie and as a stand-alone ebook. Disbelief, his first Paranormal Romance thriller, came out in Summer 2012. He is also the founder of Kindling Press, an independent epublishing imprint, along with co-founder Jason Vanhee.

Peter can be found on Twitter (@Peter_Smalley), FaceBook (, Google Plus, and occasionally hither but more often yon.

Also, be sure to visit his small press website and his Amazon author link.

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