Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Five Monsters by Welcome Faith Shipp


This is a delightful picture book about monsters! One monster has four teeth. Another monster has five eyes. What other monsters will we find? 

This picture book collection is intended for a child to read on his or her own. This is an early reading book for a preschool or Kindergarten child to begin his/her reading experience. This story is repetitive and uses simple sight words. Each page has original pictures that correspond with the writing on each page.

About the Author:

Welcome Faith Shipp: Today you are thinking of purchasing one of my little books. I created these books for my own classroom and I am thrilled to share them with parents & teachers who want their children to read more than just about red dogs or fluffy bunnies.

Background of "THE WHY" I created my books!

As a kindergarten and first grade teacher of more than 25 years, I wanted my children to read more than just "fluff" books. So many of early reading books didn't correspond with the social studies and science standards. I did find books that covered these themes, but they were too difficult for my children to read. I started to write easy books for my children to read with themes integrated in them. 

Also the requirements of kindergarten became higher and higher. The only way I could see to reach these high standards was to extend teaching into the homes. If my children were to accomplish these reading feats, the books must spill over past the school day. During the week my students would read these books in the classroom and then I sent them home for students to read them at home. 

My students excelled with higher and higher reading scores. I could see that parents were an integral part of learning for my children. With reading in the home done each day, parents can truly become partners in teaching. 

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