Saturday, May 7, 2011

Daily Kindle Bargain - The Fat Kid’s Wolfy Revenge by Kristian J. Hanson


High School Sucks! Remember those days? Those times that parents and teachers call the awkward years that for some of us go on and on forever. Every day of those four years is a popularity contest that you can never win and many times can’t even crack the top half. Joe is that guy; his high school career will be defined by a Prom that he hasn’t found a date to. No date, no money, crappy car, crappier loser friends, all the ingredients of a teenage angst recipe until one night changes Joe’s life forever. A life that has been defined by horror movies, video games and teenage sex fantasies will turn upside down when Joe comes face to face with a...werewolf. What would any teenage suburban boy do when faced with the terrifying reality of a murderous lycanthrope loose in his town? Call the police? Tell his parents? Contact Discovery Network? No to all. Joe writes a blog following the trail of the beast and highlighting its barbaric butchering of bad boys and bimbos in bloody gore-a-vision. Joe’s life suddenly turns around. Popular blog, rich girlfriend, werewolf friend, date to the prom and a master plan to keep things going his way. This is not your little sister’s romantic horror novel but a full throttled man-beast action thrill ride not for the squeamish. Read away, if you dare, but remember always chew your food and silicone implants can be choking hazards.

From the Reviewers:

"When the world has had enough of Twilight and wants some true horror there will be stories like this one.  Bring back the horror, bring back the gore....This is the SCREAM of Werewolf novels."

"This book is by far the funniest horror comedy I've ever read."

"Have you ever been through High School and wondered what it would be like if it didn’t suck so much?  What if your friends weren’t douches and not every girl you try getting with turns you down?  What if, during your awesome high school career of douchy friends and turned down dates, you hear of murders going around town?  What would you do if you found out that the killer was actually a werewolf?  You’d try to hunt it down and kill it!  Oh yeah, and blog about it of course!

"The book includes many references to many types of movies, although a vast majority of them are horror.  This is great for those who are in love with the horror genre.  Wolfy’s Revenge will make reference to classic horror movies such as The Howling, Dog Soldier, and An American Werewolf In London, as well as the crappy sequel, An American Werewolf In Paris.

"When you read this book, you’ll want to make sure you go into with the frame of mind that, just like the title might explain, is not for the mature or for the young.  The humor is dirty and vulgar.  Just the way a lot of guys think!  This book is great for those of you who love horror, vulgarity and humor at every turn."

About the Author:

Eric I was born on April 1, 1984 in Chicago, IL.  I would only live here for three years, but would come back for my childhood summers until I was fifteen years old. At the age of three my parents moved us to Gilbert, Arizona which happens to be the setting for my book.  I went to school in the Gilbert Public School system from kindergarten all the way to graduation from Mesquite High School in 2002.  Just after my eighteenth birthday I enlisted into the United States Air Force, Air National Guard at Phoenix Sky Harbor Guard base; Home of the Copperheads, where I would be enlisted for six years.  On the May drill weekend of 2006 I found out I was being deployed with my Security Forces unit to Camp Bucca, Iraq, where I would do an eight month tour working in the detainee operations camp.  Here I began as a prison guard, became a liaison in the visitation section of the prison, and was transferred to the Iraqi Correctional Officer’s section where we trained them how to take over the compounds.  After eight months in country, we returned home to our families in May of 2007.  From here I took an interview with the Air National Guard unit in Moreno Valley, CA where I currently work and reside.  I love my job and continue to strive to do my best to better protect the men and women of the armed services that are still in theater.  I have been writing horror stories since I was in seventh grade at Gilbert Jr. High School.  I have had a fondness of horror movies and novels since my mother, Mary, introduced me to my first horror movie at the age of four years old.  After the viewing of Child’s Play, I have wanted to write novels to instill fear and laughter into others just as that movie did to me all those years ago.  I believe that laughter is the key to the soul and with laughter it helps people through the difficult times and also makes the good times that much better.  I am passionate about my Chicago Cubs and have followed them since the age of twelve years old.  My family and friends are my world, and without them I would not be the person I am today.

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