Monday, January 30, 2012

Daily Kindle Bargains - Sometimes I Think If I Stand By the Phone It May Ring by Robert N. Lee


What do you do when the apocalypse interrupts your day off? Watch it happen online, what else.

Apocalypse is grandiose–sound and thunder and a Bruckheimerian shattering of worlds–but its impact is ultimately measured intimately. Human by human we cope with what befalls our loved ones and enemies and what we know will shortly befall us. Whether we watch the world crumble on 24-hour cable, or from pinned beneath its heel, we react as we do to any tribulation: with the fierce cyclic mechanism of remorse and blame that grows out of check like a cancerous cell. 

In “Sometimes I Think If I Stand By the Phone It May Ring” the only difference is that all bets are off, because this tribulation will not pass. 

In this gripping story by Robert N. Lee, your relationship with others is the only thing left in your hand…the only thing within your power to crush.

From the Reviewers:

“Robert Lee's vision of the end of days is not bombastic or purple or politically loaded. It is not about zombies or dragons or nukes. It is about you, and it burns.” 
--Julia Sevin, author of Thin Them Out, publisher, Creeping Hemlock Press 

“A chilling end of the world story that hits hard. If you were on the internet in the days of message boards and IRC this will appeal strongly it gets the feel of that period perfectly and makes the end of it all horrific. In a good way, of course.” 
--Julie Ratner, Amazon 5-star review

“Terrifyingly detached, realistic end of the world story that speaks to the alienation of the Internet Generation. A real screen-turner!” 

--Jen Light, Amazon 5-star review 

About the Author:

Robert N. Lee was born in New Jersey and has lived all over the US and world, including Vietnam, Hawaii, Calfornia, Oregon. He now lives in Florida. He has cooked in restaurants, done commercial roofing, made video games, worked on music videos and web projects for bands like KMFDM and The Cure, designed software and web sites for Microsoft, McAfee, SAP and Visa. He’s had stories and articles published in John Pelan’s Darkside anthologies, Clarkesworld and Fantasy. His first novel, Them Bones, is coming from Print Is Dead in 2012. His web home is, his Xbox Live gamertag is Vee Ecks, and he’s robertnlee on Google+ and Twitter. He doesn’t do Facebook.

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