Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Daily Kindle Bargains - The Devil's Mixtape by Mary Borsellino

The Devil's Mixtape by Mary Borsellino is available on Kindle for just $3.99. For members of Amazon Prime, the book is free in the Lending Library.


In 1999, Ella was one of three students who arrived at her Denver school with a cache of weapons and a plan to use them. Years later, she sifts through accounts of other violent young women, writing letters to a little sister who had to grow up in the aftermath of that day.

In 1952, Sally was a runaway, hitch-hiking around Australia with a strange, secretive girl named Amy. Each outcasts in their own way, the pair navigate a landscape scarred by old memories and tragedies, searching for a place that will feel like safety and home. 

And in 2011, Charlotte was a music journalist on tour with a band, listening to their stories of loss and hope. Though they are in very different times and places, the three are linked by a web of legacies and second chances. 

Demons, fallen soldiers, hunters, rock & roll stars, and high-school heartbreaks are all thrown together. The result could never be anything but the Devil's mixtape.

From the Reviewers:

This book seamlessly blends its themes of violence, queer identity, and teenage sexuality with its richly-layered Australian history and even a hint of the occult. But the most important thing about The Devil's Mixtape is how brilliantly it tells the stories of its women: each of them have a spark and a vital fury and voice that will be instantly and achingly familiar to anyone who's ever felt lost. I cannot recommend this book enough. It is pure genius."
--Elizabeth, 5-star Amazon review

The Devil's Mixtape is part horror story, part declaration of love for non-conformists, especially those who embrace being outside the norm. It's passionate, smart, powerful and at times incredibly beautiful."
--Narrelle, 5-star Amazon review

About the Author:

Mary writes fiction, pop-culture analysis, comics and music journalism, and whatever else comes out of her head. She also reads like it's going out of style, makes jewellery, goes to as many rock shows as she can, watches a lot of horror movies, says tasteless things in public situations, and finds every excuse she can to travel.

She can usually be found in Melbourne, Australia, where she works as Editor of the journal Australian Philanthropy.

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