Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Daily Kindle Bargains - Flash Fiction Five Pack by Lyndon Perry

Flash Fiction Five Pack by Lyndon Perry is available on Kindle for just 99 cents.


Enjoy Five Flash Fictions (plus a Bonus Microfiction!) in this humorous collection of digital shorts. In about 3500 words, the author sketches out a whimsical "A to Z" volume, from alien romance to zombies as well as email spam to space monkeys. Two tales feature Mazaru the Space Monkey while a third introduces Billy Farnsworth, Zombie Hunter.

From the Reviewers:

"This flash fiction pack was a fun, fast-paced read that had me giggling and sometimes snorting out a laugh.  Perry's quirky mind and whipcord wit certainly infiltrates into his writing, which is spot on."

--TK Toppin, Author of The Lancaster Rule

"Flash Fiction Five pack is a lot like a ride at the fair - sure, it won't last long, but it's a lot of fun while you're on. Plus they both cost about a buck. I say pick up a copy and have it on your e-reader for the next time you're stuck at the DMV, the Dr's office, or maybe the top of the Ferris Wheel."

--T.W. Ambrose, Editor, Digital Dragon Magazine

"This is a fun read, several stories with interconnected characters and themes. I'm gonna paraphrase a quote - this book is like a great box of chocolates, you never know what flavor you'll get, but it will be delicious. If you love sci-fi and dark humor, you will definitely enjoy this collection! Highly recommend!"

--Jade Smith, SF writer

About the Author:

Lyndon Perry is a middle school Language Arts teacher and writes a variety of speculative fiction, from SF and fantasy to mystery and spiritual thriller. His flash fiction has appeared in Every Day Fiction, Flashing Swords, and Ray Gun Revival among other places. As for longer fiction, he has a Mesoamerican fantasy story appearing in Rogue Blades Entertainment’s upcoming anthology of heroic adventure, Roar of the Crowd (2012). He's also the founding editor of ResAliens, a zine of spiritually infused speculative fiction. (www.resaliens.com)

You can find him on Twitter at: 

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